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Installation Of Steam Handling Equipment

Handling, installation, operation and maintenance work must be carried out by fully trained and qualified personnel, capable of judging the work which they are assigned to perform and recognizing potentially hazardous situations. They should be trained to properly use this product according to these Installation and Maintenance Instructions.

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Survey And Leak Detection Of Steam and Air Handling Equipment

Identification of Leaking Points / Areas Segregation of Leaks & Tagging Quantification of Leakages & monetary losses

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Orbital Welding

Med Gas N Equipment provides orbital welding services where high quality, consistent welds are required. The quality of a weld created by an orbital welding system with the correct weld program is superior to that of manual welding. It ensures full penetration smooth welds without any pit, crevice or crack.

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Helium Leak Detection

Med Gas N Equipment provides Helium Leak Testing for Gas Lines, Panel and Small Tanks using both Spraying and Sniffing technique. Helium leak testing utilizes a Helium Leak Detector, also referred to as a Mass Spectrometer Leak Detector (MSLD), to find a leak inside or outside of a system and then measure the leak rate. The detector determines the leak rate based on the helium concentration and flow rate.